Virtuosa Violin

Posted by: Rich Galassini

Virtuosa Violin - 02/21/02 04:12 PM

One of the men that rebuilds plyers for us showed me his player violin. Very cool! It was a tiger oak trimmed glass box with a violin standing up in it.

mechanical arms were attached and controlled the neck where fingers would be placed and a revolving wheel "bowed" the violin!

Very neat stuff - has anyone else seen something like this before?
Posted by: Piano World

Re: Virtuosa Violin - 02/21/02 07:10 PM

Hi Rich,

I've never seen one in person, but I believe that Piano World web site has a picture of something like this...
Violin Virtuoso

Frank B.
Piano World
Posted by: elecmuse3

Re: Virtuosa Violin - 09/03/10 12:47 PM

Harry Garrison, the proprietor of our Player Piano Shop in Cincinnati, has one of these with TWO violins (the one at this link isn't his, but is pretty much the same):

They're amazing.