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weser bros. piano

Posted By: del dog

weser bros. piano - 07/18/06 12:14 AM

i have a weser bros. piano...it has the serial numbers 313851..anybody that knows something about this piano, please help..
Posted By: Grandpianoman

Re: weser bros. piano - 07/26/06 09:31 PM

this may help...from the Pierce Piano Atlas:

"Weser Bros. Est. 1879 by John A Weser and his brother W.S.Weaser, at N.Y> By the 1920's the office and factory were located at 520-528 W 43rd St N.Y. Made Weser Bros., Weser, Billings and Co., Coloniet, Marveola, Re-Rendo, Orpheola, and Winfield. After the mid 1930's the Weser name was used on pianos made by Winter & CO., Story & Clark, and Kohle & Campbell."

According to the serial #'s listed here, it looks like your piano was from between the years 1900 and 1902.

Posted By: del dog

Re: weser bros. piano - 10/13/06 08:57 AM

ty...sorry i havent thanked you earlier...is this piano worth anything?
Posted By: Grandpianoman

Re: weser bros. piano - 10/15/06 04:20 PM

Sorry, I could not tell you. Your best bet would be to get a piano technician to take a look at it.
Posted By: David Estey

Re: weser bros. piano - 02/22/07 10:08 PM

This might help you get an idea of its approximate value

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