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player piano value?

Posted By: Michael H.

player piano value? - 02/22/07 04:26 AM

I have decided to sell a piano that my parent's left to me. It is a Young Chang baby grand 5'4". It is about 7 years old. Model TG 150 limited. It is a player piano with a pianodisc pds-128. It is laquered black. It has not been played very much but would consider it broken in. I am getting conflicting quotes on its value and could use a little help. I am a professional musician but not a pianist. If you need more info on the instrument I will do what I can. Thank you for your help.
Posted By: David Estey

Re: player piano value? - 02/22/07 09:59 PM

This might give you some helpful suggestions on determining its value
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