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Looking for a (used) Celesta

Posted By: DeskDesign

Looking for a (used) Celesta - 04/04/19 04:27 PM

I am looking for a Celesta.
Any ideas where I might find one?

I understand these are rare and possibly expensive.
Thing is that I'm a composer and pianist and I always end up using Celesta in my scores and music, it is such an inspiring instrument.
I would love to have one sitting around.

My location is Belgium.

Any leads or are greatly appreciated!

Posted By: Sweelinck

Re: Looking for a (used) Celesta - 07/15/19 08:18 AM

They are expensive:


And digital samples of a celesta generally sound very good.
Posted By: BDB

Re: Looking for a (used) Celesta - 07/26/19 03:43 AM

The other main manufacturer is Scheidmayer.
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