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New Vorsetzers

Posted By: R_B

New Vorsetzers - 03/09/17 01:51 PM

Just a curiosity question, is there anything on the market that could be regarded as a modern version of a Vorsetzer ?

e.g. an EXTERNAL attachment that plays the keys of ANY piano without having to be built in and receives files from various i-devices, cell phones, wi-fi, hdmi, etc.

I have computers, midi keyboards, etc., and I can do this "functionally" with modern electronics - this is an interest in being able to play files to a physical wooden piano without having to retrofit a player mechanism INTO it.
Posted By: Dave in Denver

Re: New Vorsetzers - 03/09/17 05:20 PM

QRS makes the Playola, a modern midi version of what you are describing:

QRS Playola

Posted By: R_B

Re: New Vorsetzers - 03/09/17 07:45 PM

Yikes, $4200 discounted.
Probably reasonable, given the "mechanism" and low volume.
That probably compares to Steinway's price for their system (the name of which will come back to me as soon as I close this post).

Ahh, Spirio - but that is a built in.
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