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Zenph RePerform

Posted By: carlspost

Zenph RePerform - 04/15/15 09:25 PM

Would anyone have (or know where to get) a copy of the RePerform software for editing Disklavier midi files. It is no longer available form the developers website and I cant find a copy anywhere else on the web. From the demo videos I have seen it look like just what I am after... :-)
Posted By: MrWups

Re: Zenph RePerform - 05/12/16 04:04 AM

Carl(?), I have just discovered this forum and find that I could have helped with most of your submissions, particularly with this latest request for Zenph RePerform.

Zenph was bought out by http://www.timewarptech.com/ but they now only handle 'Home Concert Xtreme', 'Internet Midi' & 'Classroom Maestro'. Another firm called www.keystoimagination.com was handling their products in the transition and may know it RePerform is still available.

I have the demo app of RePerform and the user guide, but I did not buy it as I found I can do everything I wanted to with my midis using a very similar free Shareware app called MidiSwing 0.3.6b.app which I have had working faultlessly, day & night, on my Mac for about 3 years. It has the same piano-roll format and is simple but well equipped and intuitive to operate.
Unfortunately I was informed by a friend that the PC version of MidiSwing created problems on his system when he tried to install it some years ago.

I have also worked out how to get highest quality playback thru Pianodisc and Disklavier grand pianos direct from raw midis – and it is far superior to putting audio files thru the CD input which uses converted midis playing like a fax tone from much larger audio tracks. E.g. BACH Chaconne in the Busoni piano transcription occupies 70KB on midi but takes 32.2MB converted to an audio file. I understand that the audio protocol still used to make the CD signal goes back to the 70s when slow moving cassettes drove solenoid pianos and that the conversion process actually makes use of only 1/17th of the available data in the midi file! To play from raw midi is to play your piano digitally direct and extremely efficiently. To play from the CD or CD input by converting the midi to an audio signal is highly inefficient and vastly inferior in quality of output.

Ironic and surprising as it sounds, the old floppy discs are far superior in their quality of output compared to the CDs which replaced them, but I guess that Pianodisc & Disklavier still persist with CD as they can put real instrument accompaniments and voice on them. Raw midi can be also extracted from floppies.

Very few owners of Pianodisc or Disklavier realise the full potential of these remarkable instruments as they do not understand the technology which drives them.

I have sent you additional info so you might contact me.
Posted By: elsabcz

Re: Zenph RePerform - 07/03/17 04:26 PM

Dear MrWups,
I hope that you will receive this message. I'm currently preparing a recording session on a Disklavier Enspire with two composers. The idea is to record separately the different parts of a complicated piano piece, and then to assemble them by editing the file in XP format (high-resolution Midi, that takes into account the velocity) with a software, and then to have the edited file replayed by the Disklavier in order to make the final recording. But I can't find any software that seems to support Yamaha's proprietary XP format. Do you have any idea of what we could use to edit a file like that? Zenph RePerform seemed to be the only software able to do this.
Thanks in advance for your help,
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