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Budgeting for Pianodisc Pro Record

Posted By: Ryan Bolger

Budgeting for Pianodisc Pro Record - 01/22/14 06:23 PM

Hey all-

I somewhat recently inherited a Yamaha baby grand that was retrofitted with a PianoDisc system in the 90's. It has the PDS-228 CFX head unit and was upgraded with Silent Drive before we got it, but none of the other features that the box supports. Overall, the piano and the PianoDisc system are in great condition (thanks Grandma!). I had a PianoDisc tech come out and tune and calibrate everything as well.

The main thing it's missing that I'd like to add is the ability to record and send midi-out to a computer. I've been getting the ads for the new PianoDisc Pro Record upgrade which looks perfect. The problem is that I can't seem to find even a ballpark price for it anywhere. I'm still in the budgeting stage for this, but I don't know what to budget for.

Can anyone give me a ballpark price for this? Am I looking at $1-2k, $5-7k, $10k+? I'm in southern California if it matters.

Posted By: David, OHIO

Re: Budgeting for Pianodisc Pro Record - 01/23/14 03:48 AM

According to their October 1, 2013 price list the Pro Record Optical system is $2139.00. You will probably have to order it through a PianoDisc dealer in your area.
Posted By: Ryan Bolger

Re: Budgeting for Pianodisc Pro Record - 01/24/14 06:07 AM

Many thanks. That's right around what I was hoping for.
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