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Live performance lx outputs?

Posted By: jrm1504

Live performance lx outputs? - 08/26/13 12:06 AM

I am thinking about getting a live performance lx. I read the manual, but it doesn't say what outputs are for. Also, is the lx capable of playing the piano part and " piping" the accompaniment to speakers?

Posted By: David, OHIO

Re: Live performance lx outputs? - 08/30/13 02:41 PM

Yes, there are audio outputs for software that includes accompaniment for the acoustic performance. Almost all manufacturer's software work except for some Yamaha encrypted disc's. Usually a self powered speakers is mounted on the beams under the soundboard or you can use a audio system of your choice.
Posted By: Mark Fontana

Re: Live performance lx outputs? - 09/22/13 07:35 PM

Some PianoDisc CDs contain anti-interoperability protection that the LX is not permitted to bypass, but all Yamaha Disklavier and QRS CDs play fine. The LX can also play Pianocorder material, along with the superb library of high-res material published by Live Performance itself. In addition, you can convert MIDI files and floppy disks designed for other player systems to native LX format using free tools on the Internet: PPFBU and MID2PianoCD.
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