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Converting qrs files to pianodisc files

Posted By: Treavie

Converting qrs files to pianodisc files - 03/06/11 05:02 PM

Hi, new to the forum and have had massive problems over the last year with pianos and piano player systems. I started with weber piano with piano force system and was very unhappy with mechanical noise, swithed to hallet davis with qrs system and even unhappier. To make a long story short, I have now after 12 months gone back to the weber with pianodisk system and am finally happy. However, I have a large collection of qrs music and have seen one post on converting these files to pianodisc files, but have had no luck with midipianocd file program and in particular, where to to find eseqextract.exe file anywhere.

Any help in this matter would be very appreciated. Love the forum and hope some of you may be able to help me. Thanks to all that reply.
Posted By: Treavie

Re: Converting qrs files to pianodisc files - 03/17/11 10:34 PM

Wow, thought someone would respond by now, guess I'll have to try somewhere else.
Posted By: Grand Piano Haus

Re: Converting qrs files to pianodisc files - 03/29/11 06:42 PM


Sorry for the long delay. Which pianodisc system do you own?

Jeff Tasch

Grand Piano Haus
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