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New Member with a question

Posted By: Abram

New Member with a question - 12/19/10 11:23 PM

Hello everyone. I have an old Thompson player piano that I got for free. Had to dig it out of a pile of lumber but I got it home plugged it in and it worked. Besides a few sticky keys it's worked great for about 8 months now.
It's recently started playing much softer and slower though like something's plugged up. It seemed like this happened kind of sudden, not like the bellows were slowly starting to leak or something.
Could there be one thing that would cause this to happen or could it be the bellows or something else leaking?
It has an electric vacuum on it and not the foot pedals.
Thanks for any help
Posted By: Roy Rodgers

Re: New Member with a question - 12/24/10 09:17 PM

Does the switch for the vacuum motor have a knob on it as well? If so then it may have been turned and not letting the motor get full voltage.

Otherwise there's a good chance something is leaking. Could be a bad hose connection, bad bellows cloth, or maybe something is partially plugging the vacuum motor.

Posted By: Abram

Re: New Member with a question - 12/26/10 01:52 AM

Yes I did find a knob on the motor to turn in for full voltage. I also found a piece of tape that was plugging a hole that had come off.
It's better but not as good as it was before. Other things have started to get worse on the piano also now, so its probably time to actually take it apart and clean it up and what not. It sat unused for many years before I got it so I was sort of expecting this to happen.
Thanks for the help.
Posted By: jackwills

Re: New Member with a question - 10/20/11 05:24 AM

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