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janssen piano modeska

Posted By: Mary Lou Ly

janssen piano modeska - 10/29/10 03:02 AM

I purchased a Janssen Piano Modeska recently and can find very little on this piano/desk. Someone suggested that I try the player piano forum because there is a Janssen Piano Modeska player piano on youtube.
Another person says that it is a Tom Thumb piano.
Any other ideas? I'll add pictures.
Thank you
Gramma Lou
Posted By: Mary Lou Ly

Re: janssen piano modeska - 10/29/10 03:06 AM

The pictures are on the piano forum
Posted By: vin mrykalo

Re: janssen piano modeska - 07/20/13 02:24 PM

These were in production by 1928, and some were reproducers, others, not. The idea was to boost sales by attempting to give what the customers wanted, and that was to incorporate a piano into a piece of furniture to save space. There were desk models, and also secretary models.
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