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gulbransen and dickinson

Posted By: heatherose2010

gulbransen and dickinson - 08/04/10 08:49 PM

Hello I do not know if I am posting this in the right place or not, but here it goes. My father just called me and said that when he bought his old farm that there was a gulbransen player piano. My mother has since passed so he moving. He wanted me to find any info on this piano but I have had no luck. He said that the serial number is 149521. But I had read somewhere else that their serial numbers had only 5 numbers, so I am very confused. I would like any info even if they are just guesstimates. Like the year of it, or if it could be possibly be worth anything. Thank you very much.
Posted By: Greg Seagraves

Re: gulbransen and dickinson - 08/21/10 06:59 PM

Your piano was built in 1920.
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