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Astor Piazzola - Oblivion (cover)

Posted By: zsolpyW

Astor Piazzola - Oblivion (cover) - 04/01/19 10:55 AM

I would like to present my performance of a great piece (In my opinion of course).

The author of the arrangement is Viktoriya Yermolyeva.
In contrast to her's performance, I was looking for nostalgia and composure in this music.

I would like to invite you to check my other Youtube recordings.
Especially if you are interested in songs that are rarely played, composed by unknown composers.

Posted By: PianogrlNW

Re: Astor Piazzola - Oblivion (cover) - 04/03/19 02:57 AM

I really enjoyed your performance. You get a big, beautiful sound from your piano and you create just the right amount of tension and mystery to make this a very convincing and musical piece.
Posted By: Iaroslav Vasiliev

Re: Astor Piazzola - Oblivion (cover) - 04/03/19 08:05 PM

Bravo! Really.

You got it. This piece is about a mind that sleeps and from time to time it sees dreams. I can clearly hear a breath of a sleeping man in the left hand in the beginning. You played that breath brilliantly well.

In the composition there are four dreams, quite sentimental and dramatic, alternated with phases of deep non-dreaming sleep. And what you did very right IMO, is that you played the dreams like dreams, not breaking the sleep pattern that steadily continues through the piece. Rubato would have spoiled it all.

The best rendition by far. My respect.
Posted By: pianoloverus

Re: Astor Piazzola - Oblivion (cover) - 04/04/19 05:02 PM

Here are my suggestions:
1. The tempo is a little slow for my taste.
2. When the right hand has to play polyrhythms with one hand, which I think is the hardest thing in this piece, sometimes you either slow down or even play incorrect rhythms(adding a beat).
3. Sometimes the melody is not brought out over the accompaniment enough.
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