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Video: "St. Louis Blues"

Posted By: PeterHostage

Video: "St. Louis Blues" - 03/14/13 03:01 AM

Hello Folks, I’m a first-time poster, a long-time lurker! Since the piano-gig world has gone into hibernation around these parts, I’ve started to make videos and join the Youtube generation. The great thing about performing for video is the freedom to play it “my way.”

Here’s my first video: “St. Louis Blues.” I hope vocals are allowed on planet PianoWorld!


Posted By: Mark Green

Re: Video: "St. Louis Blues" - 03/19/13 02:05 AM

I am loving this Peter
Posted By: PeterHostage

Re: Video: "St. Louis Blues" - 03/19/13 02:22 AM

Thanks Mark! I just logged on to see if anyone has watch my video, and you posted a reply! I will post more in the future. Thanks again!
Posted By: LarryShone

Re: Video: "St. Louis Blues" - 03/24/13 11:23 AM

That was fabulous! I love blues, I love piano and you nailed it! Thats the type of piano music I aspire to play.
Posted By: PeterHostage

Re: Video: "St. Louis Blues" - 04/04/13 02:14 AM

Thanks Larry!
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