Movie/video game covers

Posted by: ChaosEmerald08

Movie/video game covers - 02/06/13 02:06 AM

Hi Piano World friends,

Really glad to have found this forum with so many great performances from users! I'm new here, so just wanted to introduce myself by sharing some compositions I have covered, including movie and video game themes, along with a few other favourite artists (Einaudi, Tiersen, Cacciapaglia). Here is a link to my channel:

Apologies for my poor technique in some videos, which I can only attribute to never having piano lessons, but I hope you enjoy the videos anyway. Constructive criticism is very welcome, as are any requests for future videos.

Thanks for listening and happy playing! smile

Posted by: BHB

Re: Movie/video game covers - 02/25/13 02:52 PM

I really enjoyed listening to "Where Are You Christmas". Very relaxing and soothing. The Christmas lights were a nice touch too.
Posted by: ChaosEmerald08

Re: Movie/video game covers - 02/26/13 03:11 AM

Thanks a lot, really glad you enjoyed it smile The song always puts me in the Christmas spirit. Even if it's late February... hehe smile