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Takin a chance ...

Posted By: Greener

Takin a chance ... - 06/13/12 07:21 PM

I am almost embarrassed to post here with some of the outstanding performances, already in this thread.

But, also surprised why there are not a lot more postings in this thread. Same reason, maybe? I would be keen to hear more ... from just starting out, to the likes of Kapush. It is all good ... isn't it?

I've been eager to try out my new mic, so here we go with ...

Takin' a Chance on Love

Feedback appreciated. I am still having a hard time of getting this one to swing. And yes, it is supposed to swing ... crazy
Posted By: Goof

Re: Takin a chance ... - 06/14/12 08:54 PM

The recording/mic is quite good - maybe or definitely you must drive that tune. Be able to play it with eyes shut tight !
Posted By: Greener

Re: Takin a chance ... - 06/14/12 10:07 PM

Good point. I am a few rehearsals away from this, to be sure. But quite right, it needs to come more natural and likely without such a scripted bass. Thanks for listening and providing this help. Jeff
Posted By: Michael Forbes

Re: Takin a chance ... - 08/17/12 03:47 PM

Well done, Greener.

I noticed, though, you went off the chart with the rhythm about half-way through.
Was that intentional? It was a bit of a distraction.

But otherwise, I draw inspiration from others like you in this thread so that I, too, can improve my skills.

Good luck!!!
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