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"Two Of Us" Beatles piano cover

Posted By: Little_Blue_Engine

"Two Of Us" Beatles piano cover - 01/17/12 12:22 AM

I also posted this in the ABF piano bar this month but I figure different members will see it here. I have no teacher so I'm open to constructive criticism smile
Posted By: Weiyan

Re: "Two Of Us" Beatles piano cover - 01/22/12 01:21 PM

Very good music! I hope I can play this.
Posted By: jimcarry

Re: "Two Of Us" Beatles piano cover - 04/26/12 05:22 AM

This one is a very beautiful song. I, too, think it was written for John. You know, Paul and Linda didn't have much of a past when it was written since they only started dating 'round 68. I always got that feeling. Maybe Paul sat down to write a song about Linda but it took a different way and turned into a song about John.
Posted By: BinghamtonPiano

Re: "Two Of Us" Beatles piano cover - 06/27/12 04:21 PM

As a teacher, I appreciate your willingness to put yourself out there (on video) and ask for feedback!
If you ever need to bounce songs off of someone, or have a piano-related question, I'd be glad to help.
Keep going!

Posted By: Michael Forbes

Re: "Two Of Us" Beatles piano cover - 08/18/12 04:46 AM

I am not a piano teacher by any stretch...and I just started taking lessons last year. So take this for what it is worth.

I thought the bass was just too heavy. I hear this song being done with a softer, lighter touch.

Otherwise, nice rendition of an excellent song.
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