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Posted By: daoc2009 how is my general playing? - 03/09/20 01:16 AM
hi everyone

i play piano as hobby, not professionally in anyway, could a few of you see what you think, would love some honest feedback, my youtube channel is...


comment on what i do well and not so good please!

pieces include Liszt Nuages Gris, music by Giya Kancheli, also test video which i play bits of Brahms and Schumann.

thanks a lot
Posted By: pianoloverus Re: how is my general playing? - 03/09/20 02:18 AM
I listened to some of the Schubert. My main criticism is that you seem to be very casual about following the score. in almost every measure I could say something like "Why did you do that"? The rhythm is basically correct but not really precise, dynamics don't seem to be followed closely, etc. It sounds closer to Schubert played how you feel like it played than what's written on the page. Much of the great beauty of Schubert is lost in the process. I'd suggest listening to some great pianist playing the piece while following the score and then compare that to your playing.
Posted By: daoc2009 Re: how is my general playing? - 03/09/20 05:07 AM
thanks for the reply, will practice your suggestions, have to learn the middle part yet anyway, thankyou.
Posted By: Iaroslav Vasiliev Re: how is my general playing? - 03/09/20 12:12 PM
Let me say a few words about the Bach Prelude in C Major

This prelude is more difficult than many beginner pianists think looking at the score. The foundation of this prelude is a rhythm that must be precise as a Swiss watch and arpeggio transfer between hands that must be absolutely seamless. Unfortunately it's not what I see on the video. You make a micro-pauses between arpeggios that must not be there and micro-pauses between hands that must not be there, too. You also tend to play easy arpeggios faster and more difficult arpeggios slower. Arpeggios must sound rhythmically even and fluid in this prelude. Imagine a little quick stream in the forest when playing it. Or imagine that you're playing on a harp.

Technically it may be easier to play it if you add some left-to-right movement in your left hand. Like you make an impulse with your left hand and then use its inertia with your right hand.

You have a big potential but you need to be more precise in how you play and work on it carefully.

Good luck!
Posted By: Tony007 Re: how is my general playing? - 03/09/20 05:36 PM
Hi daoc2009

I listened to your Schumann, and it's not bad at all. But I would have lots of questions and suggestions. My advice: Listen to great musicians as often as you can, try to find out what is different when they play the same piece. It's a question of creating atmosphere, mystery, feeling the rhythm, all this....

I chose for you this recording by unforgettable Clara Haskil:


Best wishes

Posted By: Sidokar Re: how is my general playing? - 03/09/20 10:00 PM
You seem pretty comfortable playing these pieces. Now to me most of these are what i would call in a practice stage with still quite some work to bring them to a reasonably finalized stage. I think the two main issues i see is that for one there are too many micro pauses and so the rythmic structure is not precise enough. Also as a consequence the flow of the music is lost. You need to get to a fairly structured pacing and then to work out the accentuation so that there is a leading flow that conveys the piece from beginning to end.

The second main issue is that your touch in the right hand is too percussive. That is because you let your arm fall on the keys without controlling the impact. For some of these pieces you need a singing gentle tone and significantly more subtle nuances. Like others said lusten to a few good pianists, that will guide you.

Best of luck.5
Posted By: daoc2009 Re: how is my general playing? - 03/10/20 06:16 AM
hi everyone,

some good advice and tips, thanks alot,
i get told that i have good piano hands, i can reach an 11th quite easily, all 10ths are very comfortable to me and i can create a good sound, will keep practicing, thanks.
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