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Posted By: pianovirus Mendelssohn: Prelude and Fugue op. 35/1 - 10/07/14 12:45 PM
Hi all,

I have been working on this wonderful piece for some time. The fugue is a tribute of the 18-year old Mendelssohn to his friend August Hanstein who died in the spring of 1827, and in this light we can understand the culminating chorale and the peaceful epilogue as his release from suffering through death and spiritual salvation.

Comments/criticism welcome!

Posted By: Ganddalf Re: Mendelssohn: Prelude and Fugue op. 35/1 - 10/22/14 06:55 AM
Thanks, Tobias for presenting this great music! It was really enjoyable to listen to your performance. Just curious about the gradual tempo increase in the fugue - is this indicated by the composer? Anyhow I found it quite effective. I also liked the dynamics you applied to the fugue.
Hi Ganddalf, thanks for listening and for your nice comment!

About the gradual tempo increase: yes, it is indicated several times in the fugue, starting in m. 29 'un poco accel', then 38/39 'accel sempre', 58 'accel poco a poco al Allegro con fuoco'. I try to reach Allegro con fuoco at m. 73 when the original fugue theme returns. It is a loooong accelerando section and it was quite a challenge for me to work out how to develop it (hopefully) organically.

Best wishes,
A very convincing rendition, Pianovirus! That's exactly the way I think Mendelssohn should "move" -- with grace, natural melodic contours, and, yes, a good deal of speed -- I've never thought that slow tempi serves Mendelssohn well. Also nice to hear something other than his Rondo Capriccioso or a few of the overplayed Lieder ohne Worte. Most enjoyable; thanks for sharing!
Posted By: Hakki Re: Mendelssohn: Prelude and Fugue op. 35/1 - 10/24/14 03:38 PM
Hi Tobias.

This was very good. And thanks for introducing the piece.

BTW, I could not be sure whether we had talked about this then, but I would like to express my congratulations on your win of the "16th Ile-de-France International Piano Competition Adulte Virtuose Amateur"
Thank you so much, Tim and Hakki!

And, Hakki, thank you also for the congratulations! I hope we can meet again sometime at one of the amateur pianist events.
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