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Szymanowski - Myths for violin and piano

Posted By: fnork

Szymanowski - Myths for violin and piano - 03/06/13 11:34 PM

Posted By: fnork

Re: Szymanowski - Myths for violin and piano - 03/07/13 05:23 PM

Criticism much welcomed - having the next performance of this piece on Sunday. The work on details is rather endless in this music...But interestingly, we did so much of that by the end of the previous semester that we were confident enough to perform the piece with just one rehearsal on the day of the concert, prior to which we didn't work on it together for more than 2-3 months. Once the main detail-work is done, it stay there, or so it seems...
Posted By: ChrisKeys

Re: Szymanowski - Myths for violin and piano - 03/09/13 03:14 AM

That is very dramatic music! There is so much color, and variety of dynamics. It was like being pulled into a land of mystery and discovery. Thanks for posting this!
Posted By: Tim Adrianson

Re: Szymanowski - Myths for violin and piano - 03/09/13 05:09 PM

Well, I don't have much "constructive criticism", even in a general sense. I would say that if you can present the Myths with as much elan and commitment as you provided on this recording, you will have made a very compelling case for the music of Karol Szymanowski. For me, this is very definitely a composition for violin AND piano -- i.e., it is fundamentally a piece for both ionstruments, rather than an implied collaboration of the piano in traditional terms -- and that's what makes this piece quite unique. The piano writing to my ears sounds uncannily like "virtuoso Ravel", with all its elegant brilliant effects, and that complements the rather eerie violin writing beautifully. Thanks for sharing this -- and good luck!
Posted By: fnork

Re: Szymanowski - Myths for violin and piano - 03/09/13 10:39 PM

Many thanks for the kind words - next performance coming up early tomorrow. With all of its intricate details, this seems to be a piece a performer almost never feels entirely satisfied with in live concerts. On the other hand, we do know for a fact that Szymanowski was fine with performers making certain simplifications in his more demanding works - story has it that Rubinstein played roughly 70% of the notes in the 2nd piano sonata wink I'm still trying to nail all of them in the Myths though! hehe.
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