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Schubert: Moments musicaux

Posted By: pianovirus

Schubert: Moments musicaux - 02/09/13 12:37 AM

Constructive criticism welcome, as always!

Posted By: Beethoven747-400

Re: Schubert: Moments musicaux - 02/10/13 03:02 PM

I thought it was great! The sound quality was great too and captured it all. Very well played! smile
Posted By: Tim Adrianson

Re: Schubert: Moments musicaux - 02/10/13 07:31 PM

Pianovirus -- IMO, that was just a superb presentation of how to play Schubert. Just exquisitely voiced and shaped throughout. In general terms, I find the introspective piano music of Schubert far more compelling than his virtuosic efforts (the Wanderer Fantasy being the prime example) -- the latter are clumsy to play and for me not thoroughly satisfying even when played really well -- but the Musical Moments are for me just vintage Schubert. By all means, thanks for sharing this!
Posted By: pianovirus

Re: Schubert: Moments musicaux - 02/11/13 07:16 PM

Thanks B747-400 and Tim for listening and for your comments. Happy to hear someone enjoyed it. Of course, there's always more work to do in trying to approach these wonderful pieces.
Posted By: Forrest Halford

Re: Schubert: Moments musicaux - 02/14/13 04:55 PM

Add me to the 'enjoyed' column!

A very singing quality to your playing.

Posted By: musica71

Re: Schubert: Moments musicaux - 02/17/13 08:03 PM

Really wonderful sensitive playing!! What is your piano...sounds terrific.
Posted By: Gerard12

Re: Schubert: Moments musicaux - 02/24/13 03:45 PM

pianovirus, I use this collection of pieces as a litmus test for musicianship - for students and for myself.

You pass with flying colors! Thank you for posting.
Posted By: pianovirus

Re: Schubert: Moments musicaux - 02/24/13 03:49 PM

Thanks so much woodog, musica, and Gerard, for your kind comments.

As much as one can learn from constructive criticism, from time to time it's also motivating to hear some pure words of appreciation, I admit smile
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