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Rzewski: Piano Piece #4

Posted By: Brendan

Rzewski: Piano Piece #4 - 01/31/13 02:13 PM

This is from an improvisation/jazz/rock-themed recital I did a few days ago. It's an awesome piece!

Posted By: Thracozaag

Re: Rzewski: Piano PIece #4 - 01/31/13 03:40 PM

Awesome performance too.
Posted By: pianoloverus

Re: Rzewski: Piano PIece #4 - 01/31/13 10:07 PM

In the very beginning and at the very end it sounds like some of the repeated "notes" have no pitch or the piano was prepared somehow. Is this accurate or are they just so high that they sound this way?

Could you post the program for this recital?

Posted By: Forrest Halford

Re: Rzewski: Piano PIece #4 - 01/31/13 10:22 PM

Fantastic cacophony! Engaging and powerful!

thank you for sharing this.

Posted By: Cinnamonbear

Re: Rzewski: Piano Piece #4 - 02/01/13 03:37 AM

That was AWESOME, Brendan!
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