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Ravel - concerto for left hand

Posted By: fnork

Ravel - concerto for left hand - 01/28/13 07:40 PM

Posted By: BDB

Re: Ravel - concerto for left hand - 01/28/13 07:52 PM

One of my pieces of advice for performers is that you should never tell anyone you messed up. Those who know, know already, and those who do not, do not need to know, since it can only make their experience worse.
Posted By: fnork

Re: Ravel - concerto for left hand - 01/28/13 08:13 PM

oh, some people prefer it that way, yes, but I would hardly count it as universal advice to be followed by all musicians. you'd perhaps be surprised to hear about numerous world class musicians I know that apologized or spoke out loudly about this or that performance they had, sometimes minutes after it happened. While others stick to the attitude you're suggesting.
Posted By: BDB

Re: Ravel - concerto for left hand - 01/28/13 08:34 PM

In a live performance, mistakes happen more often than not, and the quality of the performance is often in how well they are covered up. In that sense, talking about them detracts from the quality. So I think talking about it is not a good thing, as natural as it may come to some people. Besides, it is never good to obsess over something that you cannot change.
Posted By: fnork

Re: Ravel - concerto for left hand - 01/30/13 06:14 PM

oh gosh, nobody is obsessing about anything. and the performance is indeed what it is no matter what - but it is my own habit and the habit of plenty musicians I know to give a honest review of ones own playing. Now let's stick to talking the Ravel Left hand concerto here - not that it's been under discussion so far in this thread...
Posted By: Tim Adrianson

Re: Ravel - concerto for left hand - 01/30/13 11:14 PM

fnork, what a great piece this Concerto is! I love Ravel's concept of creating a one-movement Concerto at a high level of intensity, culminating in just an extended spectacular cadenza. For me, it's a unique compositional tour de force.
I didn't find much to fault with your presentation, other than the cumulative "feel" is a tad on the heavy side for my taste. Actually, in listening, I thought the piano itself was "the culprit": it gives me the impression of heavy action, which makes it virtually impossible to project any sense of "lightness', given the ferocious technical demands. Apart from that, I could follow the musical argument very clearly, and as another commented, it's just very convincing on its own terms. Briefly put, I'd leave well enough alone for the audition -- and good luck!
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