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Bach Toccata e Moll BWV 914

Posted By: CanCakmur

Bach Toccata e Moll BWV 914 - 01/20/13 01:18 PM

I'd appreciate if you comment and make suggestions. Thank you.

Posted By: P I A N O piano

Re: Bach Toccata e Moll BWV 914 - 01/20/13 04:08 PM

I enjoyed this very much!! This is a wonderful work of a young Bach!!! You might consider applying more musical freedom in the third movement- as (per my teacher) the score represents what is likely as close to Bach's improvisation at the time- I was told (and he is a scholar in this area) that you could consider experimenting more with this.

Congratulations to you!! smile
Posted By: CanCakmur

Re: Bach Toccata e Moll BWV 914 - 01/24/13 09:25 PM

Thank you so much P I A N O piano, I will try.
Posted By: Gerard12

Re: Bach Toccata e Moll BWV 914 - 01/25/13 03:31 PM

Hey, great job there, CanCakmur!

Be more decisive about the tempo at the beginning of the opening fugue statement, please. (.....not an easy thing to do at that dynamic level - with the left hand, no less - during a live performance situation!)

I agree with what P I A N O piano says above. The 3rd movement is one that usually needs to be lived with for a while - compared to the other movements.

I liked this and I wish you the best.
Posted By: Hakki

Re: Bach Toccata e Moll BWV 914 - 01/25/13 10:57 PM

Bravo ! This is very good.
Very expressive and mature playing regarding your age.
Thanks for sharing.
Posted By: Nikolas

Re: Bach Toccata e Moll BWV 914 - 01/26/13 10:32 AM

I also think that this is very good! There's maturity in your playing! And the third 'movement' is quite close to what I have in my head. Any more freedom for me would be a bit off... So there's enough movement for me... And thought...

about the fugue now. There's a tiny issue with the tempo in the beginning of the fugue, but nothing serious I think. Dynamics are well controlled and everything works fine (along with the tiny use of pedal, if my ears and my laptop speakers do not deceive me). I'd say that some staccato parts are too strong (first episode and in general they come off a bit strong and too sudden for me).

The one thing I'd pay attention are the notes. I've played this toccata and fugue from Peters edition and I detected a couple of 'wrong' notes according to my edition. Do check the entrance of the 2nd voice in the fugue, if you may...

But very well done overall!
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