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Brazileira from Scaramouche for 2 Pianos!!

Posted By: Beethoven747-400

Brazileira from Scaramouche for 2 Pianos!! - 01/05/13 01:47 PM

Here's Scaramouch played by myself and 'Jolteon'.

Enjoy pw!

Comments regarding how this can be improved are welcomed.

I'm the one of the left!


Posted By: Jolteon

Re: Brazileira from Scaramouche for 2 Pianos!! - 01/05/13 01:54 PM

Yes! smile Might I mention that we did this a few weeks ago as part of a piano summer school. We only had like 2 days to learn it before this, and we both had other performances during those few days, so practise time was rather limited, hence the incomplete and rather imperfect presentation of the work.
Posted By: Nikolas

Re: Brazileira from Scaramouche for 2 Pianos!! - 01/05/13 02:04 PM

I have played this...

First of all I should note, to those who do not know this, this is half the piece. There's the middle part missing. But this makes sense, as Jolteon says if they had a couple of days to study it.

That said here's my harsh feedback:

It's a very tiny bit unsteady (again this makes sense), and the dynamics seem a bit 'uninspired', like you weren't exactly sure what to do.

But the most important thing that I felt missing was a more 'real' Brazilian feeling! It was too "classical" in a sense. Too "straight forward". Too "normal". And it goes against Milhoud somehow... :-/ And let me explain a bit further: I don't remember the score outright, but I seem to recall that it didn't have any accents, but the accents are strongly needed. Especially in piano 2 (Not Joelton) who's playing that pattern. It takes more a kind of 'mambo', or accent, or a hic up ideal to make the rhythm happen. And even the left hand of Joelton is not enough to bring the 'joy' futher in the piece.


Despite of the above, I'm pretty sure that at this point I'd need 8 hours for 2 days to make a piece like this happen, even if I've already study it. That alone speaks for the quality of you as pianists! So take the above with tons of salt and feel better that I'm being harsh with you: I'm half jealous, half expecting excellence from both!

Posted By: pianoloverus

Re: Brazileira from Scaramouche for 2 Pianos!! - 01/05/13 09:00 PM

I would change the title of the video unless you really "arranged"(as opposed to cut out part of) the piece. Although I think criticizing a performance prepared with such little practice time available doesn't make that much sense, the one thing I noticed right away was that the two of you weren't always together.
Posted By: wr

Re: Brazileira from Scaramouche for 2 Pianos!! - 01/07/13 10:25 AM

Considering the circumstances, not bad at all! It's such infectiously fun music that even without a high degree of polish, I enjoyed hearing it.

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