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Liszt--"In Dulce Jubilo"

Posted By: Cinnamonbear

Liszt--"In Dulce Jubilo" - 12/19/12 09:04 PM

This one's for Damon. I was hoping to submit this to the Liszt E-cital last year, but it wasn't ready. It's still not really ready, but I wanted to share it while it was in season before another year went by.

This is probably the only Liszt you're ever going to hear me play. (Liszt and I don't get along.) I don't remember who recommended this piece to me, but it was someone on Piano World, and it was in a thread about Liszt pieces that are relatively accessible, technically speaking. That said, this one is presenting me with a number of challenges. It is tricky to pedal, and the dynamic transitions aren't too easy, either. Also, if anyone including Pianoloverus tells me to put a metronome to it, I'd have to say, "I agree."

So, like an underdone Christmas cookie, I give you:

Liszt--"In Dulce Jubilo"

Posted By: Damon

Re: Liszt--"In Dulce Jubilo" - 12/20/12 02:00 AM

Delightful! And now that you have started playing Liszt, you might as well play more. grin
Posted By: Orange Soda King

Re: Liszt--"In Dulce Jubilo" - 12/20/12 03:33 AM

Underdone baked goods are wonderful. smile

Thanks for introducing me to this piece! It was delightful! smile
Posted By: pianojosh23

Re: Liszt--"In Dulce Jubilo" - 12/20/12 10:37 AM

^It's one of the wonderful little gems that form a part of his Weihnachtsbaum suite - a very fine collection of twelve Christmas pieces (some arrangements, some not) from the 'other side' of Liszt. Here are three more charming examples:




As for the OP...very nice! I agree with Damon, more Liszt laugh
Posted By: pianoloverus

Re: Liszt--"In Dulce Jubilo" - 12/20/12 12:19 PM

Well played(and not requiring a metronome) but I don't find this Liszt arrangement particularly appealing. I don't like the left hand melody he made up to go with the song. For a much better IMO version of In Dulce Jubilo try the one by Lord Berners found in the Bach Book for Harriet Cohen which is based on Bach's organ version of In Dulce Jubilo.

You can listen to part of it here(No.7 on the page), but I couldn't find a complete YouTube recording:
Posted By: Derulux

Re: Liszt--"In Dulce Jubilo" - 12/20/12 03:15 PM

Very nice, bearman. The best part about Christmas cookies is the leftover batter in the bowl. Everybody knows that. laugh

And I don't think you need a metronome.
Posted By: Tim Adrianson

Re: Liszt--"In Dulce Jubilo" - 12/20/12 06:50 PM

A very charming arrangement, convincingly presented on a freshly-tuned Bremmer effort. As Damon said, now that you've got the hang of Liszt, I'm looking forward to your posting of "Totentanz" in a couple of weeks or so!

Thanks for sharing this, Andy!
Posted By: Cinnamonbear

Re: Liszt--"In Dulce Jubilo" - 12/21/12 04:03 AM

"Totentanz"?!? What's that?

Seriously, guys, thanks for listening, and I appreciate the comments and the additional links to consider!

However, I think I'll stick with Suzy Snowflake. She's more my speed. grin
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