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Mary Had A Baby

Posted By: Cinnamonbear

Mary Had A Baby - 12/18/12 08:49 AM

Bill Bremmer tuned the Lester to his EBVT III temperament today. Absolutely lovely tuning by a master craftsman!

Here is a rendition of "Mary Had A Baby," from the Hal Leonard publication, "Christmas Solos for Piano: 60 Seaonal Favorites." Sadly, the arranger is not credited. I payed scrupulous attention to the instructions, though, whoever the arranger is...

Hope you like it!

Mary Had A Baby

Posted By: Tim Adrianson

Re: Mary Had A Baby - 12/18/12 02:54 PM

Especially beautiful playing; especially beautiful tuning; and an espeically beautiful arrangement! Thanks for sharing this, Andy!
Posted By: ChopinAddict

Re: Mary Had A Baby - 12/18/12 10:16 PM

I agree with all that Tim said! thumb
Posted By: Cinnamonbear

Re: Mary Had A Baby - 12/19/12 01:44 AM

Thank you, Tim!

Thank you, CA!

I love this one, too!

Tim, regarding the arrangement--I know I've griped about this before, but it irks me when the arranger doesn't get credit for his/her work. Other selections in the book that this arrangement comes from are similarly styled, both harmonically and with certain signature compositional touches. They are all very thoughtfully, meaningfully, sensitively and at times cleverly done. My intuitive ear tells me they were done by the same person. Either that, or there is one heck of a good editor involved! Nowhere on the publication can an arranger's name be seen. About a month ago, I posted a question via the Hal Leonard Corp.'s website, but as yet have received no response.

Thanks for listening!

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