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Brahms - Intermezzi op.118 nos. 6 and 2

Posted By: Kuanpiano

Brahms - Intermezzi op.118 nos. 6 and 2 - 10/30/12 04:05 AM

Hi everyone,

I performed these two pieces at a hospital last week, and I've recorded them in (unfortunately) really poor sound quality. It's echo-y because it's in a large atrium and people are free to move around. However, I hope you enjoy my performances of these pieces.

Intermezzo op. 118 no.6:

Intermezzo op.118 no.2:

I have some other recordings (Le Tombeau de Couperin by Ravel and Schumann-Liszt "Widmung") that I might post later.

Thanks again for listening!

Posted By: Bobpickle

Re: Brahms - Intermezzi op.118 nos. 6 and 2 - 10/30/12 04:44 AM

You're right about the sound quality being a bit poor, but the deep echo actually works quite well with Brahms 2nd Intermezzo. I've coincidentally been listening to this quite a bit this past weekend and your performance is very sweet and gentle. Thanks for sharing
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