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Scott A. Miller - Prelude I

Posted By: Nikolas

Scott A. Miller - Prelude I - 10/28/12 05:29 AM

Hi again,

This is Prelude No. 1 from Scott's collection of Seven Diverse Preludes. Performed again by me.

This one, again, is rather short, with a mysterious atmosphere that never breaks loose...

Bonus feature in the video, a glimpse of Scott's lovely handwritten score of this Prelude! wink


One final comment. I do not wish to spam the forums further, but really I think it's very much worth to spread the news over these preludes (and other works). Should anyone wish to buy the score, the link can be found in the youtube video.

I should also note that this, along with other videos, performed by me, are created with a digital piano (Casio) and a sampled piano in my computer. However there's very minimal (if any) editing in any case. I'm not cheating; I just don't have access to a decent sounding piano and/or the proper equipment to pull a great recording off!

Posted By: wr

Re: Scott A. Miller - Prelude I - 11/07/12 09:38 AM

I like.
Posted By: Nikolas

Re: Scott A. Miller - Prelude I - 11/08/12 03:41 AM

wr: Anything to do with Apple? laugh

Thanks for listening! smile Glad you enjoyed it!
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