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Granados Spanish Dance No. 2 Oriental

Posted By: PianogrlNW

Granados Spanish Dance No. 2 Oriental - 10/16/12 05:21 PM

I worked on this piece at a recent adult piano retreat. There are a couple of hiccups, but decided to do 1 take rather than edit pieces together. I welcome any comments.

Posted By: Tim Adrianson

Re: Granados Spanish Dance No. 2 Oriental - 10/16/12 06:36 PM

Overall, a nice performance of the piece. Two comments:

The entire "A" section is too aggressive for my taste. I hear something more mournful and mysterious, with more of a delicate than a straightforward passion. From a speed standpoint, slightly, but significantly, slower. And definitely less pedal.

By contrast, I thought the "B" section was nicely judged -- you hear the "Oriental" theme in very high relief, which is IMO spot on -- and it flows and resolves nicely back into the "A" material.

Like several of Granados's Spanish Dances -- deceptively simple; loaded with music. Thanks for sharing this!
Posted By: pianoloverus

Re: Granados Spanish Dance No. 2 Oriental - 10/16/12 07:09 PM

Assuming it's not the recording's fault I think the left hand hand in the A section should be softer than you played it in comparison to the right.
Posted By: BruceD

Re: Granados Spanish Dance No. 2 Oriental - 10/16/12 07:20 PM

Along with what the others have said, about wanting the left hand softer in the "A" section, that that section should be less "aggressive" and that the "B" section is nicely played, I would add that there needs to be a more languid feeling about the "A" section. The ends of phrases need to "breathe" more and, overall, a less rigid rhythmic pulse should prevail. Or, as my teacher would say, "more rubato!"

However "Oriental" this might be, it is - in my opinion - imbued with the warmth and languor of sun-drenched Spain; I want to feel that warmth and an almost lethargic feeling coming across in the playing of this.

Thank you for sharing.

Posted By: PianogrlNW

Re: Granados Spanish Dance No. 2 Oriental - 10/16/12 08:48 PM

Thanks Tim, Pianoloverus and Bruce for your comments. Here's Take 2, a less aggressive Part A. I used the una corda pedal and tried to soften my LH.


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