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Shostakovich - Concertino op.94

Posted By: Nikolas

Shostakovich - Concertino op.94 - 09/22/12 07:32 PM

A concert that took place about 10 years ago, or a tiny bit more.

Me and my wife, Evi, performing the Shostakovich Concertino for two pianos, op. 94. The video is in bad quality and the sound is a bit 'bleh' but still it's evidence that I wouldn't want to get lost.

I believe that I'm not shared this here, so... there you go!

Posted By: Orange Soda King

Re: Shostakovich - Concertino op.94 - 09/22/12 07:47 PM

Oh!! Thanks for sharing. I just learned about a new piece smile
Posted By: LadyChen

Re: Shostakovich - Concertino op.94 - 09/22/12 08:12 PM

Thanks for sharing, Nikolas! How nice that you and your wife can perform together!
Posted By: Nikolas

Re: Shostakovich - Concertino op.94 - 09/24/12 04:46 PM

LadyChen: It was nice, and on occasion awful (when we fought. And, yes, we did fought in rehearsals). but we were VERY passionate which kept us going until we left for the UK and landed on a home without a piano for 4 years pretty much! frown

OSK: It's one of the well known works for 2 pianos I think. (or at least I thought). Quite catchy and not too difficult. If I remember correctly he wrote it to play it with his son, and from the writing it appears that the 2nd piano is an orchestral reduction of sorts... I would assume that the son didn't agree, so Dmitri didn't carry on orchestrating it and left it as is! (<- JUST an assumption...)
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