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Why does this forum even exist? Lol.

Posted By: JoelW

Why does this forum even exist? Lol. - 01/06/13 07:12 AM

Posted By: deb8851

Re: Why does this forum even exist? Lol. - 01/08/13 11:53 PM

The real question should be, 'how could people run out of things to say about Chopin'? smile My family was hoping I'd find somebody else to talk to. lol
Posted By: glentek

Re: Why does this forum even exist? Lol. - 02/16/13 09:05 PM

Ok. Here's something for you. Maybe this forum exists solely to answer this Chopin question that I have. I recently played a collection of variations on "Happy Birthday" by Denes Agay. One of the variations was in the style of Frederic Chopin. I want to know what piece or pieces of Chopin music this variation was modeled after. The variation is in 9/8 time, in a minor key, and marked "Andante con moto". The main left hand technique is a series of 9 eighth notes each measure, with the first eighth note the root of a chord, and the remaining 8 eighth notes the other notes of the chord. The right hand technique is maintaining a single melody line, and a short cadenza. Any ideas what pieces of Chopin music might fit this description?

This question is probably more appropriate for the Pianist Corner forum, so I'll post it there too.
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