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A newly discovered Chopin piece?

Posted By: Dachshund

A newly discovered Chopin piece? - 08/11/12 05:45 AM

I was on IMSLP a while back and found this Chopin Nocturne on there. I've never seen this piece before, as it is not in any of my editions of the Nocturnes. I'm guessing it is newly discovered, right? confused

IMSLP link

Any of you familiar with this one?
Posted By: Samuel1993

Re: A newly discovered Chopin piece? - 09/03/12 10:25 AM

This Nocturne isn't accepted as a genuine Chopin composition. It's often attributed to Chopin, however; the general belief is that it was composed by one of Chopin's pupils.

I have to agree with the majority on this one. Though it's a beautiful, it just seems so un-developed and repetitive compared to the Chopin Nocturnes, even the earlier ones such as Op.9 and the early one in E minor.
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