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Modern Day Composer: Samuel Jones

Posted By: Bernard

Modern Day Composer: Samuel Jones - 05/22/02 08:23 PM

Per chance I bought a CD today of Samuel Jones' (b.1935) "Roundings: Musings and Meditations on Texas New Deal Murals (symphonic suite)". The CD also includes a Cello Sonata.

I've never heard of this composer before but I like the music. Does anyone else know of him? What's your opinion?
Posted By: shantinik

Re: Modern Day Composer: Samuel Jones - 06/05/02 03:13 PM

He is composer-in-residence for the Seattle Symphony, and runs young composers workshops in Seattle.

Nice man. I'm not much a fan of his music. In a similar vein, but of higher quality in my opinion, is the music of Bernard Rants (who I believe teaches at the Harvard Grad. School of Music.)
Posted By: Dave S

Re: Modern Day Composer: Samuel Jones - 06/25/02 07:37 PM

I am gonna have to check out this guy.

It is a shame that modern composers seem to be dismissed so quickly. There is another great composer living on the north west coast named Mark Pral. Great music! I have had the luxury of listening to his compositions in person. Watch out for him. Who knows, maybe a good one will "sneak thru" the cracks and actually make it.
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