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Favorite Piano Concerto ?

Posted By: SR

Favorite Piano Concerto ? - 10/21/01 05:17 AM

Heres another topic as silly as favorite symphony because it's just to hard to choose. I can't even pick my favorite Mozart Concerto. So how about this for a question. Lets pretend you have the chops to play any concerto and you have the opportunity to perform with the NY Phil in Carnegie Hall, and it's the only time you'll ever get to do it. What concerto would you then choose ?

I would have to go with Mozart #20.

Posted By: magnezium

Re: Favorite Piano Concerto ? - 10/21/01 02:46 PM

Rachmaninov 2nd... the most beautiful yet electriying thing i have ever heard...

and also:
Ravel G Major (esp the Adagio assai)
Chopin F Minor
Tchaikovsky 1st
Posted By: netizen

Re: Favorite Piano Concerto ? - 10/21/01 03:45 PM

Brahms no. 2
Posted By: Amy

Re: Favorite Piano Concerto ? - 10/21/01 04:12 PM

I think that I'd agree with Magnezium with Rach's 2nd. But I also LOVE the Grieg, which is one that I will probably start learning soon) and Mozart #21, Schumann, and Saint-Saens #2. I would really like to hear Ravel. I've heard some mentions of it recently. Does anyone know where I can listen to it online without downloading anything?
Posted By: okat47

Re: Favorite Piano Concerto ? - 10/21/01 05:51 PM

Yes, Rachmaninoff's 2nd is amazing. I like Rach 3 better.
Posted By: Angstschneeman

Re: Favorite Piano Concerto ? - 10/21/01 06:31 PM

Beethoven's #4
Posted By: Hank Drake

Re: Favorite Piano Concerto ? - 10/21/01 10:21 PM

It took all my willpower to narrow it down to 18 Concertos, but here goes:

Mozart #20, 21, 23 & 24.

Beethoven: All five but especially #4.

Brahms: Love #2 & I sorta like #1.

Rachmaninoff: All five (the four concertos + the Paganini Rhapsody), but especially #3.

Prokofiev: #2 & #3
Posted By: aznlilies2001

Re: Favorite Piano Concerto ? - 10/22/01 03:32 AM

Tchaikovsky 1st is my absolute favorite.

Then... Ravel in G Major, Shostakovich 3rd, Prokofiev 3rd, Chopin 2nd (ahh... the 2nd movement...) and many more.
Posted By: magnezium

Re: Favorite Piano Concerto ? - 10/22/01 02:52 PM

Amy, you have absolutely got to hear the Ravel G. You could probably get an MP3 file from Audiogalaxy, KaZaa, Morpheus or some other MP3 sharing community. Or if you have ICQ, I could send you a copy...
Posted By: Amy

Re: Favorite Piano Concerto ? - 10/22/01 07:14 PM

hmmmm....I don't know if I have ICQ. Do you have to download the mp3 stuff?
Posted By: magnezium

Re: Favorite Piano Concerto ? - 10/23/01 09:24 AM

yeah the MP3 stuff will require quite some downloading. first you will have to download the program (eg. Audiogalaxy/Kazaa/Morpheus), which will allow you to download the MP3 file of the music itself.

It's much less tedious to get a CD... smile
Posted By: German

Re: Favorite Piano Concerto ? - 10/23/01 01:27 PM

Mozart N. 23.
Posted By: Amy

Re: Favorite Piano Concerto ? - 10/26/01 01:39 AM

Ok so here is my deal currently with piano concertos....
I am going to learn one to play in a concerto competition with a symphony that I am in. They usuually pick 2 or 3 people to play in the concert. I've been considering playing the Grieg but I found out yesterday that another person also wants to audition with that. I don't know if I should still do it. Also, I was thinking of the Saint-Saens #2 but it was played 3 years ago by someone. Should I scratch those 2 and pick a new one? Any suggestions of ones that are somewhat similar to those? I want either a romantic or 20th century one that is kind of a big bang. I don't play that kind of music often and I'm feeling the need to! : )
Posted By: Shawn

Re: Favorite Piano Concerto ? - 10/26/01 03:46 PM

I have played several of the Mozart's including No. 20 and I have to say my personal fav is No. 22. However, with the exception of Amadeus where it got a nice little showcase, it seems regrettably overlooked among the biggies like Nos. 20, 21, 27 and/or "Jeunehomme." Any ideas why?

I also love the Schumann (though it may have actually been written by Clara Schumann instead of Robert!)
Posted By: Shawn

Re: Favorite Piano Concerto ? - 10/26/01 03:53 PM

hey amy, i know you want romantic or modern but have you considered the bach d minor??? great piece that, and very accessible for student concerto competetions, of course assuming that it is for a student competetion...

otherwise, what about one of the prokofiev concertos, or perhaps the MacDowell?

me, personally, i'm still a fan of Mozart!

Posted By: Amy

Re: Favorite Piano Concerto ? - 10/26/01 08:12 PM

I tend to play Bach and Mozart much worse than the romantic and contemporary pieces. That is why I don't want to do one. I'm trying to get better at them by playing some of their pieces but for a concerto I think that it would be better not to do a bach or Mozart. I'm not too bad at Beethoven though.
Today I got a hold of a bunch of scores of concertos....
Kabalevsky #3, Tschaikowsky in Bb minor, Rainbow Concerto by Kenneth Kimes (I've never heard of this one), Shostakovich concertino Op.94, Shostakovich #2, and I also got an excerpt book that has Anton Rubinstein concerto in d, Schumann a, Grieg, Chopin e minor, MacDowell d minor, Rach #2,and Beethoven #5.
Which ones of those sound good? What others should I look at besides the Ravel?
Posted By: Shawn

Re: Favorite Piano Concerto ? - 10/27/01 11:37 AM

hey amy, try out the MacDowell, and the Schumann. i would be skittish about playing one of the Rach. concertos as a student... but then that is just me. don't know a thing about that rainbow concerto. sounds interesting. certainly seems like a good choice from the non-standard repertoire stand point. did you listen to any of the prokofiev concertos? they are very nice and, although modern, they are certainly not a HUGE stretch tonally.

how old are you and where are you in school? what was the last solo piece that you completed?

hope some of this has been of help. laugh

Posted By: Amy

Re: Favorite Piano Concerto ? - 10/28/01 02:40 PM

I wasn't planning on doing a Rachmaninoff. I just don't have big enough hands for that! : ) I'll definatly consider the MacDowell and the Schumann. I just wish that I could find a recording of the MacDowell. I really want to hear how it fits together with an orchestra before I decide. I am 16 and a junior in highschool. In a couple weeks, I will be performing "Reflections in the Water" from Debussy's Image 1.
Posted By: AndrewG

Re: Favorite Piano Concerto ? - 10/29/01 01:42 PM


MacDowell No.2 in D minor should be ideal for competition. I personally advise against using Schumann, Grieg or Saint-Saens No.2 simply these were almost always used by several competitors at the same competition. Unless you're so sure you're head and shoulders above & beyond everyone else I'd say leave these few alone. MacDowell No.2 has been recorded at least by the following artists whose CDs are available:

V. Cliburn
E. List
A. Watts

Another real nice romantic concerto is that of Scriabin in F# minor, Op.20. This is a real beauty, my all time favorite.

Posted By: AndrewG

Re: Favorite Piano Concerto ? - 10/29/01 01:47 PM

I'd like to amend my short list by another one:

MacDowell Two Piano Concerti
Prutsman (Piano)
Label-NAXOS 8.559049

Price: $5.99
Posted By: jgoo

Re: Favorite Piano Concerto ? - 10/30/01 05:09 AM

Most of the Rachmaninoff concertos are pretty good.
Posted By: PianoMuse

Re: Favorite Piano Concerto ? - 11/20/01 01:20 AM

Rachmaninoff 2! ( i am learning it now, and entering into the concerto competition next year in Philly, and one in i think Austria ( my teacher hasn't given me all the details...), so who know maybe i will soon be playing it with the NY phil.....
Posted By: Eldon

Re: Favorite Piano Concerto ? - 11/27/01 04:23 AM

It's sooo hard to list favs...'cause there are sooo many; but here goes:
Chopin e minor
Beethoven No.4
Liszt E-flat
Rach. No.2
Mozart No.20 & 22
Brahms No.2
Tchaikovsky B-flat(Argerich is phenom...!)

not is any particular order... smile
Posted By: Olee

Re: Favorite Piano Concerto ? - 11/28/01 12:42 AM

I think my favorite would be Rachmoninoff #2, but Richard Strauss' "Burlesque"(?) may be a close second.
Posted By: Fritz

Re: Favorite Piano Concerto ? - 02/17/02 12:54 AM


When and where is the competition in Philly that you referred to?

And how is the preparation coming along?


Posted By: Josh

Re: Favorite Piano Concerto ? - 02/17/02 04:30 AM

Most of the Rachmaninoff concertos are pretty good.

The understatement of understatements.
Posted By: jgoo

Re: Favorite Piano Concerto ? - 02/18/02 08:30 AM

Originally posted by Josh:
The understatement of understatements.

What, exactly, does that mean? (I know the definition of the word understatement, that isn't what I mean). Well, I guess that it is, but its just soooooo hard to choose just one!!!!!!!!!! I'd like to see you choose just one and then stick with it and not change your mind, just to change it again. Its too difficult!
Posted By: AndrewG

Re: Favorite Piano Concerto ? - 02/18/02 01:27 PM

Just one? Then it is the 2nd to me. Not difficult at all. I, however, agree that all 5 are good. The 4th, IMV, is relatively the weak one. With the 4th in the hands of the great Michelangeli, it sounded better than it really is. As to the 18th varaition of the 5th, it's irresistably, hauntingly beautiful!

On the other hand, to many professional composers Rach is way too 'dense & thick' in his orchestration. To some degree I agree even though I'm not a professional musician.
Posted By: Josh

Re: Favorite Piano Concerto ? - 02/18/02 06:15 PM

Please don't get so defensive over that last post of mine, it wasn't meant as a crack on you in any way. I simply found it amusing that you referred to Rachmaninoff's piano concertos as "pretty good." I found that somewhat of an understatement. No harm intended.
Posted By: JoeTownley

Re: Favorite Piano Concerto ? - 02/18/02 06:18 PM

Add another absolute stunner to the list: the Hummel B-minor. It was the model for Chopin's two concertos, same style of piano writing. And musically right on base. It's gets long winded in some places, expecially in the last movement. I recommend an edited version, actually the first commerical recording of it that came out in the 60's on Turnabout. The pianist was...ahhh, my memory's gone south. Can't remember his name.
Posted By: jgoo

Re: Favorite Piano Concerto ? - 02/18/02 07:11 PM

Originally posted by Josh:
No harm intended.

Oh, no. I never really assumed that there was. I just found your post kind of ammusing. You can't take everything that I post seriously. You can't take everything that anybody posts seriously. If everyone did that, there would be nothing but total chaos on this entire forum. (And by that, I mean all of the piano world forums).
Posted By: Mat D.

Re: Favorite Piano Concerto ? - 02/18/02 09:40 PM

Oh, I hate to pick favorites, but here goes:

Mozart #23 in A
Rach #3
Posted By: mrenaud

Re: Favorite Piano Concerto ? - 02/18/02 10:18 PM


Rachmaninov: No. 3

Prokofiev: Nos. 2 and 3

Khachaturian: the only one

Adams: Century Rolls

Saint-SaŽns: Nos. 2, 4, and 5

Ravel: the one in G (for both hands)

Beethoven: Nos. 3 and 5

Shostakovich: No. 2

Apart from the fact that my musical preferences change every other month, I can't really name one favourite.
Posted By: ryan

Re: Favorite Piano Concerto ? - 02/26/02 08:46 PM

I hate to pick favorites either. But mine would probably be Mozart No. 23 in A. Mozart No. 24 in Cm.

Posted By: Marquis de Posa

Re: Favorite Piano Concerto ? - 03/03/02 12:27 AM

Busoni Piano Concerto

Beethoven Fourth Piano Concerto

Saint-Saens First Piano Concerto

Rachmaninoff Second and Third Piano Concertos
Posted By: george rama

Re: Favorite Piano Concerto ? - 03/21/02 06:51 AM

heh, my favorites are the chopin in e minor, and the grieg. those two especially are real tear jerkers. it's so odd how they havent been mentioned by any with the exception of one.
where did all the romanticism go?
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