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Dvorak trivia, anybody?

Posted By: AndrewG

Dvorak trivia, anybody? - 01/22/03 12:52 PM

1. What royal personage played a part in the life of both Dvorak and Beethoven? ?

2. What towering opera composer was an early influence on Dvorak? ?

3. For which renowned violinist friend did Dvorak and Brahms each write music? ?

4. Name the work which made Dvorak famous in England and which then resulted in a number of his visits there. ? ?

5. TRUE or FALSE: The "New World" Symphony has been known both as Dvorak's Fifth and Ninth Symphony. ? ?

6. When Dvorak came to America in 1892, he traveled extensively. What was the name of the Iowa town where he was most at home? ?

7. Near the end of his life, Dvorak received an appointment to the Austrian Upper House. What was novel about this? ? ?

8. Why did Dvorak come to America? ?

9. Which two universities conferred upon him honorary Doctorates of Music? ?

10. Into what line of work did Dvorak's father expect his son to enter? ?
Posted By: mrenaud

Re: Dvorak trivia, anybody? - 01/22/03 09:36 PM

3. Joseph Joachim

The only question I know.
Posted By: jeffylube

Re: Dvorak trivia, anybody? - 01/28/03 06:21 AM

2. Wagner (a guess)

4. Stabat Mater, 1883

6. Spillville, Iowa.

7. Because he did it 3 times, which resulted in getting recognized by Brahms.

8. In 1892 he was invited to the National Conservatory in New York City where he became the artistic director.

10. Butcher (I think :rolleyes: )

I hope at least one is right... eek
Posted By: jazzyd

Re: Dvorak trivia, anybody? - 01/28/03 02:39 PM

4. Surely the New World Symphony...?

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