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Cello brand

Posted By: lutuyen

Cello brand - 01/09/18 09:50 PM

Could some experienced persons help suggest a good Cello brand? We are going to look for one which sounds good and stable with a reasonable price, for an ordinary family person. On ebay or Amazon is good choice since we have to use a third party to ship it overseas.

Thanks in advance.
Posted By: lutuyen

Re: Cello brand - 02/16/18 01:52 PM

It is highly appreciated if some experienced cellist give us some advice on this cello brand? https://www.ebay.com/itm/272925073057?rmvSB=true
Posted By: kevinb

Re: Cello brand - 02/16/18 02:54 PM

I'm not a cello player, but my daughter is, so I have some experience of buying cellos :/

Concerning the eBay ad you mentioned -- I would be slightly concerned about buying from somebody who only seems to sell on eBay. My guess is that this company imports cellos from China, and does just enough finishing off in the USA to be able to claim that they are of US origin. This, in itself, isn't unusual, and it doesn't make for a bad instrument. However, I would be slightly reluctant to pay $1300 for an instrument of that type, of unknown provenance, when I could get a decent-quality Eastman for not much more, or a serviceable Stentor or Primavera for half as much.

FWIW my kids started with Stentor instruments, and I think they're good for the price. They are made in China and finished in the UK, and priced accordingly.

Your eBay ad might be for a fantastic instrument, but how would you know? When I bought my daughter's last cello, we went to a specialist luthier and played on every instrument in the shop. I wouldn't have paid that amount of money for an instrument I hadn't heard or handled. The one we bought in the end was not made by anybody I had ever heard of, but I liked the sound and the grain of the wood. If you have to buy sight-unseen, however, it might be better to go for a well-known brand -- at least you know what you're getting.
Posted By: lutuyen

Re: Cello brand - 02/16/18 03:18 PM

Thanks Kevinb.

In fact, we are from a country where we have too little or even no chance to buy from within for this sort of instrument. Yes, we know too much risks buying online where we have no ideas of the true sound and quality with unknown brand. Unforfornately, we did experience bad purchase for some instruments on Ebay. Ebay or Amazon is the only place we can rely on so far since we have to purchase via agencies. That way we don't have to worry about taxation declaration and transportation procedures. They will take care all for us. What we just do is to pay the pre negotiated price.

This time we are more careful by asking around, esp in this forum where we hope there are a lot of experienced and kind people to give some advice.

Your advice is really helpful. Thanks so much. By the way can you provide some links for a good quality and reasonable Eastman cello? Where are they made? Are they sold on eBay or Amazon?
Posted By: kevinb

Re: Cello brand - 02/16/18 04:17 PM

Eastman cellos are made in China as, I think, is every Cello that an "ordinary" person is likely to be able to afford new. If you have the luxury of being able to visit a specialist dealer, or are an expert on cellos, you can probably buy a European (probably German) cello second-hand for the same of price as a new one made in China, but that's not an option (I guess) if you have to buy at a distance. Most of the European luthiers that specialised in the student market have either gone bust, or are struggling, because there are so many good Chinese instruments available. I believe that there are a few manufacturers still doing well, but I think they cater specifically for the concert soloist market.

I understand that many European and US instrument-makers are now buying mass-produced Chinese products "in the white," that is, with unfinished wood, not completely assembled. They replace a few of the more significant wooden parts with superior ones, and then varnish them to their own style. Some Chinese manufacturers, including Eastman, ship in wood from Europe and the US, and assemble in China. In fact, I suspect it's quite difficult to figure out exactly where a new cello or violin is made now; we have British craftspeople working in China for US companies using European woods, and all sorts of other combinations.

Instruments by Eastman, Primavera, Stentor, Celicio, and other recognized student brands all change hands on eBay and Amazon all the time. However, whether these sales are by authorized dealers, I don't know. Probably some are.
Posted By: lutuyen

Re: Cello brand - 02/17/18 01:15 AM

Wow. Really helpful info. Thanks so much Kevinb.
Can you help ask your daughter about Cecilio CCO-600 cello? Does it sound good and right setup?

Some reviews online said it's bad, some said it's good. So I am confused.
Posted By: kevinb

Re: Cello brand - 02/17/18 09:17 AM

I'm very sorry, but that's not a question I can answer. I don't know if I ever heard/played that model of Cello and, if I did, I can't remember anything about it. While a real expert would be able to make a good estimate of the value of an instrument by looking at, for example, the type and grain of wood and the construction methods used, I don't think anybody would try to do that just based on pictures. I'll ask our cello teacher when I see her next week but, to be honest, it's a long shot. Most cello players probably aren't that familiar with many of the instruments that are on the market.
Posted By: lutuyen

Re: Cello brand - 02/17/18 11:23 AM

It's very kind of you, Kevinb. No worries about the time to reply. Any info, anything about this is helpful for future use.
This time, I am very cautious to purchase a new instrument online. That's why I need professional advice.

If you have a chance to meet any friends or experienced cellists, please help ask them for advice.
For range $900 - 1,200, which model is good? To be honest, with this price if including service fee, transportation and import tax will cost us about $1,500 - 1,900 already arriving at our hands.

As to their ad, the CCO-600's wood is at least 7 years of age minimum - (Hand-carved select fine grain solid spruce top with highly flamed maple back & sides, aged for minimum of seven years). I am not sure if that's true or not. Only professionals can evaluate this. Also, we need the one with right standard setup.

Anyway, this info will help a lot of people like me.

Once again, highly appreciate your kindness!
Posted By: lutuyen

Re: Cello brand - 02/19/18 03:07 PM

I've found a demo of CCO-600 cello on Youtube. See this link < https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcZIFqwKbFc >
We would love to hear from experienced cellists. There are also demos of higher quality CCO models on Youtube but the products are not sold on Amazon or eBay.
Posted By: lutuyen

Re: Cello brand - 04/05/18 01:51 PM

Really weird. A Cello hard case's price itself is about $150 in U.S. but shipping fee to my home in VN via a service agency costs an extra $200 and total amount rises up to $350.
Wish there be a large musical instrument store in my hometown when people can buy anything at reasonable price like in western or developed countries.
Posted By: Dimitro XX

Re: Cello brand - 12/31/18 05:31 PM

I could get a decent-quality Eastman for not much more.
Posted By: lutuyen

Re: Cello brand - 01/19/19 09:35 AM

I understand that. You're so lucky to live where all instruments and accessories are available any time at lower costs.
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