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Song critiques?

Posted By: luisdent

Song critiques? - 10/06/13 05:11 PM

I've been posting my (mostly original) piano and such compositions on youtube for a while now. I was wondering if any of the musicians here on the forum would be willing to give me constructive feedback on my composition, emotion, recording quality, etc. The same goes for my cover songs, as I arranged them myself, which is sort of like composition to some degree.


You can comment on the videos or post here. Either way. Please be as detailed as possible.

My own personal criticism is that some of my songs are a bit repetitious, which doesn't always bother me, but there are a few songs where I wish I had composed more unique parts as to avoid being monotonous. Otherwise, I'm always learning, practicing, and moving forward. But anything is appreciated.

My personal "overall" favorites are:

Betula Papyrifera (simple piano song)

Out of Time (I like the mixing and "sound" of this one)

Pieta (my most personal emotional song)

Eastern Skies (Recorded with a guitarist from Spain over the interwebs!) wink

Breath of Chocorua (more upbeat)

Folded Flags (like the mixing of this as well)

After the Rain Has Fallen (like the piano composition, may be a bit repetitive)

Most of these were recorded with the Nord Piano, which I've posted about in some other threads, such as: http://www.pianoworld.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/1866719/1.html

Very awesome keyboard.
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