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Old Accordion Music

Posted By: john f

Old Accordion Music - 10/11/12 05:07 AM

I have some old accordion music that I would like to play on piano. Music like - Ura-Musette by Tito Leoni and Tani Scala and another piece - Pepee by Tony Murena. I have sheet music for both and neither one indicate speed - beats per minute. Are these played fast or at a more moderate tempo? The single note melody line is mostly 8th notes. Most old accordion music I have heard is sort of fast.

Where can I locate a list of this kind of old music, sheets as well as mp3s or some type of radio link? Goggle is trash for the most part when searching for this sort of thing, at least in SEA.

I have heard some old Italian and French music and I like it.
Posted By: Jude26

Re: Old Accordion Music - 04/15/13 01:23 AM

yup.. i like this too.. We have the same interests together.
Posted By: David Tpagency

Re: Old Accordion Music - 04/16/14 12:19 PM

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