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How many notes can a trombone play?

Posted By: T'sMom

How many notes can a trombone play? - 11/05/11 07:48 PM

My 10 year old 4th grader started learning trombone this year. His friends on saxophone brag that their instrument can (eventually) play 54 notes. Does anyone know the range of a trombone, top to bottom.

So far, my son can play 5 notes smirk
Posted By: Glowry

Re: How many notes can a trombone play? - 11/08/11 12:01 PM

The instrument doesn't determine quantities of notes, the player does. Without the human component the Trombone cannot play itself....

Posted By: PassingBy

Re: How many notes can a trombone play? - 11/08/11 12:16 PM

Depends on what scale you're using. wink
Posted By: PassingBy

Re: How many notes can a trombone play? - 11/08/11 12:17 PM

BTW, the trombone is MUCH louder, there's something to brag about!!! grin
Posted By: T'sMom

Re: How many notes can a trombone play? - 11/09/11 08:26 PM

OK Wiseguys. I'm just trying to get an idea about this. Can it range > 2 octaves? Anyone know highest and lowest notes that are usually played w/trombone?
Give me a break!
Posted By: taterdiggr

Re: How many notes can a trombone play? - 09/07/12 04:04 AM

The normal range of the trombone, also known as the tenor trombone, is from the E on the first line below the bass clef (E2) to the B-flat above middle C (B-flat4). The tenor trombone is typically used in bands and orchestras.

Virginia Tech Music Library: Trombone

That's about 2 1/2 octaves. I'm not a trombone player but I'm guessing this is a comfortable range and can be exceeded at both ends.
Posted By: rXd

Re: How many notes can a trombone play? - 09/07/13 10:58 PM

If you are contributing to typical 10 year old one upmanship, the trombone can play an infinite number of notes within its' range since it has a slide and not individual keys.

A good player of the trombone can get far more seperate notes that even the best saxophone player.

Reminds me of Horowitz, one of the greatest pianists. Someone asked him how are things on the old 88's. Horowitz said 'what do you mean' the reply was "the piano , you know, the number of notes on a piano". To which Horiwitz nonchalantly replied, " dunno, I never counted 'em".

A more meaningful one up would be to see who gets first chair in their instrument.
The trombone takes far more skill than the saxophone. ....well, the saxophone player started it !!!!!!!
Posted By: ZeroZero

Re: How many notes can a trombone play? - 07/22/14 09:52 AM

To answer your question. A trombone has a standard range which almost every intermediate musician can play, but then its possible to get further notes in the upper register by lipping them (same with sax). You can't extend the register down below the lowest note on either instrument. As a party piece I knew a Euphonium player that played chords (simultaneously). Its all about the embouchure.

I play both sax and trombone to a degree and I would not say that the trombone is harder, you can't really compare fairly. At beginner level, the trombone only has seven 'positions' whereas the fingering for the sax is complex, not intuitive. For both instruments you need to develop a 'lip' or embrouchure, its a bit easier on the sax, but not that much, its really something that develops over years and years. I find on brass instruments the lip deteriorates quicker (even a week away makes a difference).

If you can sure your son does a few minutes each day, it will keep those muscles developing

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