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As good as "pop" gets

Posted By: Bech

As good as "pop" gets - 11/04/11 03:07 AM

Go to YouTube and try:

Crazy, Patsy Cline
Crazy, LeAnne Rimes
Blue, LeAnne Rimes

These songs might be refered to as "Country Crossover." That is, Country Music 'crossing over' into pop territory.

I don't believe any Country Music artist is rated more highly than Patsy Cline. Too bad she died in a plane crash in her 30s. You wonder how much greater she could have been had she lived longer.

LeAnne Rimes recorded Blue when she was only 13 years old.

Well known Country artist Willie Nelson composed Crazy.

Posted By: Bech

Re: As good as "pop" gets - 03/31/13 07:11 PM

Here's the links:




Patsy on top and LeAnne last two.

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