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Learning Absolute Pitch

Posted By: PetulantPersimmon

Learning Absolute Pitch - 07/28/11 04:09 AM

About a week ago, I decided to learn absolute pitch, mostly out of curiosity whether I could do it or not.

I'm not really sure whether I'm unusual in this regard or not, but for many years now I've been able to identify two notes easily: A (from years of tuning my cello, and from the beginning of Grieg's concerto), and D (from Bach's art of the fugue). What I mean by this is that if you asked me to sing an A or a D out of the blue, I could (usually) do it, and if you played a note, I could tell you if it's an A, a D, or neither. (By the way, is this kind of absolute pitch unusual?)

So I'm now working on the rest of the notes. Since what I know so far is based on remembering the sounds from specific pieces of music (albeit only 2), I'm going to try to find a piece for each of the other notes.

So I've also found a good E piece: the beginning of the winter wind etude. I'd like to hear suggestions for pieces (preferably piano pieces, but it's not essential) that have a very identifiable first note, and one piece for each note.
Posted By: azandj

Re: Learning Absolute Pitch - 07/30/11 02:44 AM

G# - from the beginning of Chopin's Nocturne in C# minor? (Not the intro, but the melody which starts on the fifth measure.)

D# - first notes of Paganini-Liszt "La Campanella"

These two were the first ones that came to mind, but if I think of any other very recognizable notes, I'll edit this post.

Posted By: SamOnThePiano

Re: Learning Absolute Pitch - 09/05/11 10:27 AM

You could do it. But I've heard once you cross the age line, it's immensely hard. Near impossible. Learn it and share with us your story! laugh
Posted By: Jose Hidalgo

Re: Learning Absolute Pitch - 03/09/12 10:40 PM

what is the age line ?, please say: 34! smile
Posted By: ZeroZero

Re: Learning Absolute Pitch - 07/22/14 10:18 AM

Don't agree with the age thing, did a lot of ear training after 60....

May things like your phone and other commonly heard jingles, vacuum cleaners, tones etc have pitches, once you check out what they are, you can recall them ' as is' in the mind, they can be a reference point.

I got absolute pitch, but unfortunately only for C concert. Once I get that not in my head I can work a major or minot chord from it or hum a line to reach a note..
Posted By: harrrb

Re: Learning Absolute Pitch - 07/01/15 05:31 AM

I think it's an inborn talent. Haha...
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