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Can you ID this instrument?

Posted By: christineka

Can you ID this instrument? - 07/23/11 04:24 AM

Brian Stokes Mitchell played it tonight. It looks like 2 octaves of a piano keyboard (Just looked like that, maybe it wasn't a full 2 octaves or maybe a little more.) There's a mouthpiece on one end and the sound comes out the other. It sounds very similar to a harmonica. What could this instrument be?

n/m. I found it. It's called a melodica.

Posted By: nocturne152

Re: Can you ID this instrument? - 05/03/12 04:55 PM

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Posted By: BlueBKLYN

Re: Can you ID this instrument? - 12/30/12 05:04 AM

I played in a melodica choir when I was a kid. Except we called them melodians.
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