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Moto Perpetuo, trumpet

Posted By: Bech

Moto Perpetuo, trumpet - 02/26/11 07:40 AM

Was Rafael Mendez the greatest trumpet player or perhaps today's Wynton Marsalis? Lots of great ones but these two guys are at the very top.

Try Rafael Mendez and Wynton Marsalis playing Moto Perpetuo. The was Paganini's famous violin piece. They are using "circular breathing" in order to be able to play this piece.

I wonder if any one has ever died right after playing this on their trumpet? Ha!

I'm a big Mendez fan. Give his other performances on YouTube a try. Zigeunerweisen, Hora Staccato, etc. He's got it all.

Back with a blazing performance of this piece by Itzhak Perlman. Fast! All on YouTube.

Posted By: Bech

Re: Moto Perpetuo, trumpet - 03/31/13 08:46 PM

Here's a fellow who plays this piece on a classical guitar--with a flat pick rather than 'finger picking style' which is much more common with the classical guitar.


Posted By: Jude26

Re: Moto Perpetuo, trumpet - 04/03/13 01:30 AM

This is great! Nice´╗┐ balance of fluidity, expression and staccato.
Posted By: Bech

Re: Moto Perpetuo, trumpet - 05/27/13 10:28 PM







As you may have discovered: Even a great display of technique can begin to get monotonous.

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