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"D Major" in this excerpt

Posted By: keystring

"D Major" in this excerpt - 06/28/09 07:33 PM

I'm going through an old lessons on transposing instruments. The sample is an excerpt in the middle of a piece for Clarinet in Bb, and transposed into concert pitch, we get a key signature of G major. The piece is named "Serenade in D major, op. 11" Is anyone familiar with this? Where does the G major come in?
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Posted By: sotto voce

Re: "D Major" in this excerpt - 06/28/09 07:47 PM

It's a multi-movement work; this extract is from the minuet, which is in G.


Posted By: keystring

Re: "D Major" in this excerpt - 06/28/09 08:19 PM

Thank you, Steven. smile
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