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Hi from a dark music lover

Posted By: Deebussy

Hi from a dark music lover - 06/15/09 01:43 PM

Hi Everyone,

I am new to this forum so thought I drop a line. I'm from London, love all sorts of dark emotional music, mainly classical and always on the lookout for new composers in the line of debussy, satie, romantic music ect.
I hope to get enlightened here!


Posted By: Nigel Keay

Loeffler - 06/15/09 02:41 PM

Hi. Do you know the music of Charles Martin Loeffler (1861-1935)? If not it's worth checking out. I discovered his music recently, when I did a concert with Ondine Musique that included some songs for soprano, viola and piano by this composer.
Posted By: Deebussy

Re: Loeffler - 06/16/09 12:38 PM

Hi Loeffler,

thanks for the reply, I will check it out and let you know also if I find something new.

Many Thanks

Posted By: eflatminor

Re: Hi from a dark music lover - 06/16/09 12:41 PM

Hi Kate,

finding specific dark piano pieces is always a question of good research, you will find good stuff from Schuhmann, also Scriabin can be quite dark, Rachmaninov has some dark stuff with his solo piano compositions, I am also always looking for contemporary composers but didnt had any luck yet.


Posted By: Nigel Keay

Re: Loeffler - 06/16/09 06:31 PM

Originally Posted by Deebussy
Hi Loeffler,

haha, Loeffler's long gone, but please check out something that I wrote myself for piano, it was even once described as being in a sort of post-Scriabin language, a piece called [i]the dancer leads the procession[/i].
Posted By: adamscottneal

Re: Hi from a dark music lover - 06/19/09 07:12 PM

Hi Kate -

There are many modern composers who may be considered "dark," especially atonal composers such as Schoenberg, Webern, Berg, and Dallopiccola. A favorite of mine is George Crumb - hard to play (includes a lot of special effects by playing on the strings of the piano) but really great!

I am a composer, and Debussy and Satie are huge influences on me. I would invite you to check out some of my pieces; they're a little on the dark side.

http://www.adamscottneal.com/canopy.htm (has mp3 and a score)
http://www.adamscottneal.com/latefrost.htm (has mp3 clips, scores coming soon!)

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