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To drift, smile, and relax

Posted By: musiccr8r

To drift, smile, and relax - 06/08/09 10:22 PM

Well, feedback is welcome as always, too!; here's a 60-second music picture to relax with. This is "Penny-Farthing", which (for those, like me, who don't know) is one of those old English bikes with the extra-tall front tire. This is supposed to create a mental image of a dapper gentleman with top hat and tails as he pedals over hill and dale. It isn't a flawless performance, sadly, so just a bit of the dissonance is unintended, but a lot of it is puposeful...I am particularly happy with the last three chords. Good endings make me happy! smile hope you enjoy

Posted By: Tar

Re: To drift, smile, and relax - 06/08/09 10:30 PM

Hee hee, I do like your last three chords too. This reminds me of some silent movie, very apt! Thanks for sharing!!
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