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Guitar to Piano - Convert the music?

Posted By: jmsst2

Guitar to Piano - Convert the music? - 02/27/07 04:22 PM

I'm pretty new to playing the piano, as I just took one course (about 10 lessons in college a year ago), so if my question seems ridiculous or stupid, please forgive me!

I have played the guitar for a little while now, and now that I have started playing the piano I was wondering about playing some of my favorite songs that I play on the guitar on the piano now.

Meaning, how would I go about "converting" a song I play on a guitar to something I can read and play on the piano?

For example, if I play C, D, C, D on the guitar, would I just play the exact same notes on the piano? And as for the octave, should I just use my hear to figure it out?

There are a lot of good songs, but I simply cannot find sheet music for them.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Posted By: signa

Re: Guitar to Piano - Convert the music? - 02/27/07 05:20 PM

i would think you just need to transfer RH melodies to piano treble clef and LH chords/accompanying parts to bass clef.

with any music notation software, you can do it easily. you can find free Finale Notapad for downloading from here:

Posted By: rada

Re: Guitar to Piano - Convert the music? - 03/07/07 08:57 PM

Since you are a beginner [ as you said] you probably don't want it to be too difficult. Tell me which song you like [ or send me the guitar music] and I'll do one for you.

Posted By: vanityx3

Re: Guitar to Piano - Convert the music? - 03/13/07 06:29 PM

Guitar staff notation is all wrote in treble clef(actually more like treble clef with an 8 under it), but a guitar sounds an octave lower than what is written.

I hope that helps to start you out.
Posted By: PianoNoob

Re: Guitar to Piano - Convert the music? - 06/11/07 11:04 PM

I started out on the guitar as well.

You can play the piano much like the guitar. Get a chord finder and learn the basic piano chords.

Say the song starts out on a C. Often I'll play the Root C with my left hand and the chord (C E G) with my right and sing along.

Or you can play chords with your left, and finger out the melody with your right if you're not singing.

VERY easy way to start out.
Posted By: Pengman

Re: Guitar to Piano - Convert the music? - 12/05/12 10:30 AM

Try using the convertor at http://guitartabs2notes.cleverpages.co.uk

Currently this takes guitar chord shapes in the form of x23332 or similar, and produces notes on a treble stave. You can even ask it to name the notes (e.g. C, D# etc) if you want. In the pipeline is the conversion of linear guitar tabs in the format ---5--- etc and displaying the bottom 2 or 3 notes on a bass stave.
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