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Micing and recording a grand piano

Posted By: pianobuff

Micing and recording a grand piano - 11/11/07 02:56 AM

Hi everyone,

I will probably post this on the the "Piano Forum" as well, not knowing which would give me the best response.

I have done a search and did come up with some older info, but would like to hear what you composers do in regards to recording an acoustic grand piano.

My situation is that I have a very "live" room with hardwood floors, throw rugs and vaulted ceilings.

I would like to record my Estonia 190.


1.) What are the best microphones to use?

2.) Where should they be placed, particularly since the environment that they are in is quite "live".

FYI: I will be running the mics through a quality pre-amp that is connected to a Mac using Logic 7.

Thank you for any advice and/or suggestions.
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