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Posted By: ExeAction Amateur non musician old pieces - 05/14/22 02:54 PM
I've found on my YT channel two pieces I wrote 9 years ago while I was hospitalized back in the days, just to kill some time.
I've never learned any music lessons or theory so don't take it seriously. I learned from Synthesia by watching.
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Posted By: SouthPark Re: Amateur non musician old pieces - 05/14/22 03:16 PM
Nice work on both! What sound source was used for each? I think that's great how you created this music. If you can do something very significant like this ..... then also consider taking your time to learn music theory ... eg. from youtube plus composition techniques, where you can transform your existing works to other levels. Once again .... nice work!
Posted By: ExeAction Re: Amateur non musician old pieces - 05/16/22 06:08 PM
Thank you for your lovely comment.
I used FL studio software and simple midi sounds.
Learning music theory sounds like a great plan for my early retirement 10 years from now smile
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